While translating concepts, we perform the tasks below:

User Interface localisation from the software in your computer, to the ones in your music player, in your GPS Navigator or in your mobile phone.

Translation of User Manuals from hard copies or electronic files – on-line help – and dealing with the software whose interfaces we translated before, with your new solar panel, with your automated lawn watering system, etc.

Desktop Top Publishing (DTP) of the translated contents.

Proofreading of existing translations, including Quality Assurance and Testing procedures, plus conversion between Brazilian and European Portuguese, in either direction.

Website localization. If you can’t be found on the web, it is most likely that your eventual clients won’t contact you at all! If they are to find you there, they’d better be able to read your message in their own language and be impressed. We are the ones to help you get this done!

Preparation of glossaries for consistency terminology used, preferably approved by our clients, either before the translation work, or during the translation process, for reviewing purposes, and assurance that the right terms are used throughout the entire project(s).