Our references:

"Aphorismos has worked with Tradução de Conceitos for several years and we have never been disappointed. Accuracy, reliability, on-time delivery and professionalism are the qualities which best summarise their services. We are happy to have them as our providers for translations from English into Portuguese and we hope this collaboration will last and prosper."
(Letizia Ciardelli (in December 2010), MD, Aphorismos, Switzerland).

"José Ruivo first, and Tradução de Conceitos Lda latter, have assisted us with various translations into European Portuguese over the years. We are very pleased with their work and will continue to use their services in the future."
(Mr. Philip Riley (in May 2011), Project manager and owner, SOFTtalk Translations).

"We have worked very intensively with Tradução de Conceitos forover two years. Every week they deliver several projects and from some of our most demanding customers. Professionalism, reliability, accuracy, initiative and delivery punctuality is the way we would their work. It is a pleasure to work with this team and we look forward to long collaboration with them."
(Paloma Herrero Álvarez (in April 2013), Project Manager, Lemoine International GmbH, Germany).