Tradução de Conceitos is a company created in 2010 born out of two decades of experience by itsfounder,acquired principally as an indirect translation services supplier for large translation companies in the computer industry, consumer electronics, general medicine, marketing, etc, fields.

Small is beautiful is a concept which is also applicable to Tradução de Conceitos; we consider that every project and every client is important, regardless of size. Our experience and small size make it easier to adapt to our customers’ requirements and find practical solutions, acceptable to and advantageous for both parties.

Nevertheless, despite our small size, we can quickly and easily bring together the joint efforts of several translation professionals, both to obtain the required expertise and to meet tight project deadlines.

We are familiar with the requirements of clients spread over four continents, in different areas of activity, and have learnt how to adapt to the working methods and culture of each of them, developing in order to master topics in diverse fields and projects, increasing productivity and reducing costs and shortening deadlines. As such, our reputation has been established not solely as a translation supplier, but also as a valuable partner in the production of high-quality documents, training and marketing materials which are both technically precise and clearly understandable by the target audience.

Such experience allows us to confidently state that we can truly add value to our clients' projects. We hope you will experience this first-hand.